How does the process work to earn money?
Once you have completed the registration, you can invite your friends to register on website by send them your registration link.

How much money you earn?
Directly accepted invitations to your friends will earn you 0.50 $ (in case you are invited by a friend), or you will earn 0.40 $ (if you are not invited by a friend)

Indirect accepted invitations (made by your friends or a branch of your own tree) will earn you $ 0.01.

When can you got your money?
Once you earned 100$, we will transfare them to your bank account.

Is there limit for tree branches?
Your own tree have no limits, infinite earning of money.

What are ways for inviting my friends?
When you press "Invite friends" button in your main page, you can send the invitation message by email,whatsapp,sms,facebook .....

This message contains your key, you can take this key and place it in any type of message or email signture ...

Is payment secured?
Our payment methods used a secured channels and standard operations.