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One Dollar Tree Program

One dollar tree

Is an infinite boundary system
You can invite your friends to subscribe to the site for 1 USD
When your friend accepts your invitation and subscribes, your friend will join your dollar tree and become part of your tree branches.
Thus, through your friend's subscription to your tree you get a commission

When your friend does the same process as you did, you also get your own commission and a commission to your friend

The process of earning commissions through your tree branches is endless
You can earn hundreds of thousands of dollars not only by yourself, but by your branches (members)

The one dollar tree system is based on the following points:

1. The One Dollar Tree Program is a collaborative system
Each person in your tree has a common interest with the member he accepted and the members under him
Because when this person is under the branch of one of his friends authorizes him to get a higher commission on the friends under him
The same is true of other friends

2. The one dollar tree program is not intended to market a particular commodity and profit through it
The system does not provide any services or market any particular goods, therefore we do not impose a particular commodity on the customer in order to buy it to be able to participate in our program.

3 - Grow your tree without direct intervention from you
When you plant a small plant (for example, an olive plant), you only need to place the plant in arable soil, and then let it grow on its own depending on the rain water.
As well as in the one dollar tree program, you only have to invite your friends (good soil), and then leave your tree to grow by inviting your friends (rain water).

4. The one dollar tree program is always profit-based
Your subscription to the site costs you only 1 USD.
By inviting only two friends, you can get back the 1 USD you paid
Let alone invite more than two friends, and your friends invite their friends and friends call their friends and so on
Thus your profit is guaranteed whether you worked hard or not.

5. The one dollar tree program is a magic coin
You only need to put 1 USD (when you subscribe to the site) and then start the process of collecting money inside the box (when inviting your friends)

6. Participation in the one dollar tree program is only once for life
When you sign up, you pay only 1 USD for your lifetime active account
We do not have monthly or yearly subscriptions, or any specific limits on your profit

7. Commission (profit)
There are two types of commissions:
- Direct Commissions:
The commissions you earn when you invite your friends and who accept your invitation and subscribe to the site.
You will earn from these direct invitations to your friends 0.50 $ in case you are subscribed to the site through the registration link of one of your friends.
Or you earn from these direct invitations to your friends $ 0.40 in case you are subscribed to the site individually (without being invited by a friend)

- Indirect commissions:
The commissions you earn when anyone in your tree invites a friend who accepts this invitation and subscribes to the site
You earn from these indirect invitations $ 0.01.

The one dollar tree system is based on infinite profit